Chaque jour est un cadeau / Nice, France

My visit to Nice was a unique and humbling experience. A rush of emotions experienced in the span of 48 hours. These photos display the first 38 hours of that journey. My time exploring this small French town was nothing short of perfection. While some say Nice should really be an extension of Italy because of its Italian influences I immediately fell in love with the small traces of the French culture. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to celebrate such a significant holiday in a country with such an incredible history.

Although my stay ended in an unpredictable circumstance I am forever thankful for the strangers who made my time enjoyable; As well as the overwhelming love and kindness shown to me by the locals and fellow tourists on Bastille Day.

This place and the people in it have left an impact on me bigger than words could describe and it is for that reason Nice will always be near to my heart.

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