Leading By Example / Tatiana Weston-Webb & Samantha Sibley

When you get a text from Samantha Sibley inviting you to an early morning session with Tatiana Weston-Webb you grab your camera and GO. On a cloudy September morning we set our sights on T Street and sadly, found ourselves back in full suits.

What I witnessed out in the water that day was better than two friends casually surfing, it was a perfect example of what mentorship should look like between athletes. First there’s Sam, who clearly looks up to Tatiana as a role model (who wouldn’t?) and then there’s Tatiana who is equally invested in Sam and sees her potential. Tatiana is a prime example that with hard work, success in this sport at such a young age is possible, making her a perfect role model and mentor for Samantha.

Personally, I think this is exactly what the sport (and most other sports) needs. It’s inspiring to see those who have a few years of experience pour back into someone younger than themselves. In this case since surfing is an individual sport it is always refreshing to see the pros work together and build each other up for the better.

Here is a little glimpse of that morning...

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